Network Marketing Business Success

The success secret of most businesses is in their NETWORK. Look at the most popular brands, such as McDonald’s, Target, Re/Max, Sam’s Club, Ford, Coca-Cola, etc., and you’ll see that they all exist within national and sometimes international networks.

What is a network? A network is an interconnected group or system. For example, if you have a cellular phone, you are part of your provider’s network of customers. If you work at an office that has multiple computers, they may be interconnected into a network. You, your immediate family, your relatives, your friends, mates, and acquaintances – all of you are organized into a network.

The purpose of every business network is to widen its exposure to potential customers. Thus, the larger the network, the greater are the chances to be noticed by prospective customers. The greater the exposure, the higher is the revenue; the greater is the frequency of purchases. And this cycle repeats. A good company that really does that is in the CBD oil, check out that HempWorx review here.

As a linguist by education, I pay much attention to the words people use. That’s why to me the word ‘network’ is a compound noun. ‘Net + Work’ – that’s what it is. When starting in the network marketing business, make sure you have a “net + work”-type of attitude. Network marketing is not about getting rich quick or overnight. Network marketing is about building a NET through a tremendous amount of WORK. If you are lazy by nature, you either have to work on improving yourself to make yourself work or the NetWork marketing business is not for you.

A Network has incredible power. This power is called leverage. Leverage is the condition when limited resources are used to create substantial financial profit. The great assets that can yield such profits are people and money. Little money can buy you a nice piece of investment property. Likewise, a small group of people can bring you huge financial profits. In network marketing, people are expected to duplicate themselves by means of other team members. This process often creates the impression of a pyramid scheme. But it is not. From a pyramid, it only has the shape. The process of duplication causes an exponential growth of your business. You bring two people to your team; those two people each will bring two more, etc. If you’re an employee, your average shift lasts 8 hours. So you have to work 8 hours to make a living. If you are a network marketer and have 7 people on your team besides yourself, each of your team members will have to work 1 hour to achieve the same goal of an 8-hour working day. The more people are on your team the higher is the power of leverage, the less effortless the income-generating process becomes.

People use leverage on a daily basis. Let’s say you take a taxi to go to the airport. Let’s say your ride will cost you $40. If you are the only passenger you suffer a full $40 loss. Imagine you’re going to the airport with three of your friends. In this situation, all of you can use the power of leverage and achieve the same result (reaching your destination – the airport) with a lesser loss of resources for each of you, because each of you will only pay $10. Would you rather use 100% of your resources to achieve a result or 25% to achieve the same desired result? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Every business uses some kind of leverage on a daily basis, be it people leverage (like construction business) or money leverage (banks and other financial institutions).

But if you are self-employed (a dentist or an attorney), there is not so much leverage, because you only use your own strengths, education, talent, skills, abilities, etc. And your self-employed mentality tells you that you can do everything by yourself to save money because you know everything better. What about time leverage? You have none, because you not only work hard, you work more hours to accomplish tasks that could be accomplished by some other professionals. You can have some people leverage when you hire a secretary or an assistant, but your results will not be even close to those achievable in network marketing.

Network marketing is not only about building networks using the leverage of people, time, and money. The largest network of all times is the Internet. It allows everyone to leverage its global power and build their own network. How to build a network on the Internet deserves special attention and I’ll spend some time in the future to touch this topic. But today, you can start building a network of content on the Internet and by doing this expand your web presence and exposure to your target prospects.